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Tor Browser is the best free privacy protection.

There are plenty of problems of anonymity and security among Internet users today. One of the effective means of ensuring security and anonymity when working on the network is the Tor browser for windows. Conventional user security tools have long been ineffective. The free Tor browser has become a reliable alternative that provides a sufficient level of anonymity.

Free download tor browser

Free download tor browser

Download Tor Browser

Almost everything that a user does on the Internet is very easily tracked, the identity of any user is quickly established, so ordinary browsers are unable to protect information or preserve the anonymity of a person.

The Russian version of the Tor browser hides the user's location in a special way, it makes the path to the site long and confusing through a lot of nodes. These nodes do not store personal user data. It is almost impossible to track what a user is doing on the network, and it is almost impossible to establish his name. It is very interesting that the free Tor Browser was developed by the US Navy specialists for the needs of their intelligence. And twelve years ago, this technology came to the disposal of ordinary users around the world. Including there is a free Russian-language version of the Tor VPN browser.

Any user will be completely free to download and install the Tor browser. The Best Tor Browser is a non-profit project, but it has an organization that develops this project, and also has an official website. To install Tor Browser, just go to this site, and then using a simple instruction, download Tor Browser for free. It is also easy to download the browser to mobile devices with popular iOS or Android systems from app stores. The Tor browser setup also works on other popular platforms: Linux, Mac Os. The vidalia software browser is updated with high frequency, so the latest version of the Tor browser is always available to the user.


Such an onion browser is urgently needed for those people who act bypassing the censorship of the Internet, and this censorship is becoming more aggressive and unpredictable every year. Tor is also used by people who do not want to share personal information with outsiders, and therefore do their best to maintain their anonymity. Tor browser for windows 8 allows you to visit blocked sites. And even relatively harmless resources are blocked. The pirate book site Flibust is blocked in Russia, but the Russian version of the Tor proxy browser provides an excellent opportunity for any Russian user to get to it.


Also, the Tor browser with VPN provides access to the Dark Web, and there is a huge mass of sites that are not indexed by popular search engines. True, these opportunities are widely used by various dark personalities for the sale of drugs and weapons.

The Tor browser on Windows 8 also has significant drawbacks. The length of the path to the requested site is significantly increased due to the passage of many nodes. Therefore, the connection speed is significantly lower than in conventional browsers. So, free video or music, it is better to watch with listen in the usual way.

The authorities cannot find out exactly which sites a user visits through the Tor browser 64 bit, but they can easily establish that they are using the Tor browser 64 bit. And this will immediately raise suspicions that you are committing an illegal act or preparing for it. There is also the possibility that the user's personal data will be disclosed through the end node. Therefore, to ensure complete anonymity, you should use the free Tor browser in combination with a VPN. All these shortcomings do not prevent Tor bridges from being considered the best free anonymizer.

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